Our story begins around 35 years ago.

We started out as market traders selling various types of clothing, everything from childrenswear to women’s fashion. We then moved on to opening our first retail shop specialising in schoolwear and childrenswear. Our business grew and soon we opened up another two retail stores.

So we have a pretty good idea of what it takes to succeed in clothing retail, especially when it comes to babywear, childrenswear and schoolwear.

However retail is going through a period of great change. A revolution is taking place in retail, and so the rules of how to succeed in retail have dramatically changed. Shopping has now become anywhere and everywhere. This has been made possible by innovations in digital technology, and it is this, which is driving the retail revolution.

It presents great challenges to retailers who’ve been in business before the invention of the Internet and the World Wide Web. These inventions have forced retailers to change how they think about retail, which is one reason why we went into the childrenswear wholesale business.

We saw that many childrenswear wholesale businesses were still operating according to the old ways of doing business. As a result they weren’t delivering the types of services retailers now needed to succeed in the digital era.

So we established kidswholesale.co.uk to help retailers succeed in this new era of retail. It is the most exciting time to be in retail. The change we are seeing is the most profound since the emergence of the first retail stores.

If we just go back to the early 1900s we can see how retail evolved from the local corner store to department stores to shopping malls to ecommerce, to what we have now, which is sometimes referred to as the era of omnichannel retailing.

There is so much to understand, and it requires constant research and thinking!

The opportunities are immense for those who appreciate how retail is being revolutionised. So we understand what retailers need, and with over 35 years experience in retail we know what it takes to succeed in retail.

This is what drives kidswholesale.co.uk. We are one of the first omnichannel childrenswear wholesalers. We deliver to retailers the products they need through multiple channels, and more than that, we advise retailers about they can build successful retail businesses.

So we do more than supply you with great childrenswear, we also work with you to grow your business, whether its providing you with images you need for your website, or content you need to inform your customers about the products you sell, we endeavour to help you build a successful retail business.

We help your business by:

    1. Making it easy for you to find and buy the childrenswear you need for your shops and online stores through our B2B ecommerce platform.

    2. Curating and discovering childrenswear that is unique and not found anywhere else, thereby providing you with all the range of products you need to give you your unique selling point and winning edge.

    3. Providing a fast and reliable supply chain, enabling you to buy offline by visiting our warehouse, and online, with fast shipping, click and collect, and drop shipping.

    It is an exciting time to be an independent retailer.

    The retail revolution is presenting amazing business opportunities, and we aim to be right at its heart.

    Create you trade account with us today and let us embark on an exciting journey!

    We are the independent retailer’s ideal childrenswear wholesale supplier!